Essential Items For A Breastfeeding Mummy {NBW}

When I fell pregnant with both boys I immediately set about writing a list of things I needed.
Cot bed, moses basket mattress, moses basket stand, body suits etc.
I had always planned on breastfeeding both boys, and have been lucky to be able to breastfeed both.
There is a misconception with some people that breastfeeding is easy. All you need are your breasts.
I looked online and was quite bowled over with the amount of products available. Some items seem totally pointless and a waste of money.
Some seem like fantastic ideas, don't get me wrong, but the price tags sometimes seem way over the top, especially when there much cheaper alternatives.

I love muslin's. They are handy for everything. I've used muslin's as alternatives to a bra at night by simply folding it over and laying it on my chest, or laying on it. I've also used them as alternatives to breast pads, by tucking one into my bra when feeding (only really suitable when at home) They are great to mop up sick and for any mop ups needed during nappy off time or "tiddles" when changing a nappy.
They also make great bibs for weaning.

Breast Pump-
I first started off with a handheld pump. It was cheaper than an electric and I didn't see how an electric pump would be much different. It's a lot different, in my experience, and is well worth the extra money. Electric breast pumps have great resale value, provided they are in good condition of course. Or, you could donate your breast pump to a local breastfeeding group. I have a Medela swing and it is amazing.

Always nearby. If you baby is anything like mine, both boys have been the same, they will fall asleep on the breast or very soon after. Blanket to lay over them or wrap around them is essential obviously. I have a silly amount of blankets for this very reason. Even just cheap cellular blankets, perfect for a quick "drunk" baby.

I started my relationship with Lansinoh later than I should when Charles was born. A week after he was born, and when he had his tongue tie snipped I then started using Lansinoh religiously. Second time round I used it before Harry was born, to prepare myself more than anything. I won't lie and say it helped completely but I found I wasn't as dry or cracked as before.

Water bottle/squash bottle-
Staying hydrated whilst you are breastfeeding is extremely important. Consider the fact that sometimes you can be stuck under a feeding baby for quite a while and may not have the chance to get up and grab a drink, having a squash bottle of water or juice to hand at all times is a great idea. You can always prepare squash bottles and keep them in the fridge ready for if needed.

Breast Pads-
In the early days, well first 6 months, its worth stocking up on these as much as possible. You may even need to use these whilst still pregnant. Breast pads are one thing you don't really want to be caught short without.

Cheap vest tops-
Ok so I do own a couple of breastfeeding dresses and a breastfeeding top but I found in the early days that my milk supply was out of control. I leaked on most items and in most cases my clothes ended up stained. As a result I swear by cheap vest tops.  Either pull them down to feed or pull the top up.

Terry towel nappies-
We bought these initially because we wanted to use them with Charles. We found them too hard to use but instead they became my essential breastfeeding item. I used these more in the early days than muslins due to them being thicker.

Cheap but thick Towels-
Mine were just basic ones from Asda. I found them perfect to sleep on or lay on on the sofa so I didn't end up soaked too much.

Big scarf-
Although I love the idea of breastfeeding scarves I have never used one. Instead I use sarongs, shawls or normal big scarf. You'll notice on photos that I wear an elephant scarf from Next. It's amazing and I've also bought a similar scarf but with a flamingo print. It keeps me covered and means I can drape it over Harry if I need to.
The great thing is that I still go unnoticed, I can wear the scarf the whole time without having something additional to carry. And, once breastfeeding has come to an end they will still be able to be used.

Nursing bras-
Obvious really. I have never been fitted or measured for a nursing bra. With Charles, my mum bought me a range of bras from Mothercare and returned the ones which didn't fit. With Harry I went shopping with my husband and tried on a huge number of bras. I found I was a different size depending on the style in both cases.

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