Flexibath {Review}

If there's one thing I hate about our house, something which I can't change, its the fact that we are on a water metre. Its extremely annoying, especially when we have a water obsessed three year old.
Before Harry came along I would have baths with Charles so that we were, in effect, saving water by sharing, but it wasn't always ideal,
We had a baby bath but found it wasn't practical as he got bigger due to the shape and depth.
Since having Harry the boys share most of their baths together. This was a little more practical before Harry could sit up as we would place him in his bath support and not have to constantly worry about them knocking each other over, or worry about him slipping.

I'd heard of the Flexibath before so was delighted when I was asked to review it.
I kid you not I was ridiculously excited about reviewing this product.
As soon as it arrived Charles inspected it and decided it should be known as a 'storybath'. He thought it was a giant book when it was folded and clipped closed.
Although it was early afternoon we had nothing planned so I gave the boys an early bath.
Before we placed the Storybath Flexibath in our tub  I decided to give it the "Charlie Test". This is when we let him loose with a product to see if he is likely to break it within seconds of touching it! (We used this test on a washing machine we liked in Currys and he straight away broke the drawer....see, there is a method to our madness) He was unable to break it or damage it in any way (which is obviously a great thing!)

It was easy to set up and quick to fill. I love the fact that the bath is deep. I find a lot of other baby baths are sometimes too shallow but the fact that I can really control how deep or shallow the boys baths are.
There is enough room in the Storybath Flexibath for both boys to sit, and for some toys as well.
It is ideal for us to save water as we don't even use half of the water that we normally use, which I think everyone can agree is a great positive to this product.

There is a black starfish plug at the bottom of the bath which is easy for me to pull out, but not so easy for the boys to pull out (they both took an instant liking to it and tried to pull it out immediately) The flow of water from the bath as you take out the plug is great and it doesn't drain slowly as I've found other baby baths do.

The bath folds up so easily and is really compact. We have a smallish bathroom so normally a baby bath is a nightmare and a hassle to home but this lives between the bath and the sink take up no room at all.

There are so many other uses for the Storybath Flexibath too. We used it outside for water play/water fight. Once the boys have outgrown it we will use it as toy storage or maybe as a laundry basket/a home for my ironing.

The Flexibath is available from the Whitestep website and is priced at £29.95 (at time of this publishing) This is a really reasonable price for a product which will be used over and over again for years.

We were sent a Storybath Flexibath for the purpose of the review. All words above are honest and my own.
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