Field of Daydreams {I Heart My Snap}

We're really lucky that opposite where we live are fields and marsh land, and eventually leads to the Norfolk Broads. This makes for lovely walks whether we want a short walk or a full day out.
In recent weeks a small foot ferry has re-opened which would take us to the other side of the river. Even better is that the other side of the river is the place we get a boat out if we fancy a boat trip.

A couple of weeks ago we went for a walk around the huge field that we can see from our bedroom windows. It is literally the other side of the road from our house. Charles loves this field and every year watches as the farmer prepares and ploughs the field.
We're now on vegetable watch and are trying to work out what they are growing this year.

When we started our walk the weather was nice. I wore my Uggs and Charles wore his posh big boy shoes. Very soon the clouds opened and we were soaked. We carried on our walk, despite getting the buggy stuck in the mud on more than one occassion.
We still had fun and took a few photos (which I'll be posting soon). This is one of my favourites.
When Charles was a baby I photographed him "on location" a lot. He always had this similar look on his face.
He's not miserable, he's just daydreaming.

Hopefully when the weather picks up I'll be able to take a photo similar to this again but with sun, shorts and a tshirt!

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