Jubilee Marble Cake

We're really keen to celebrate the Queens Jubilee as best we can. Our neighbours are all a bit rude, old and bonkers to have a street party with (which we are disappointed about) so we are doing the best we can as a family.
We are trying to get Charles into the Jubilee spirit and since our visit to Silverstone he has been waving a flag he was given at the pub we had dinner in and shouts "Hello Queen!". I'm extremely impressed that he recognises the Queen if shown photos or on the television.  He is fascinated by her "prwetty crwown" and has been calling himself Prince Charles <snigger>
Harry has also been getting in the Jubilee Spirit today. We went out and bought a few flags to wave and put up at the windows and around the lounge. My husband handed one to Harry to distract him as I left the room to make dinner (clingy mummys boy at the moment) and he LOVED it. His smile was huge and he cruised around the coffee table to Charles and waved it in his face whilst laughing. It was a very sweet moment.
We are having a BBQ on Sunday, if the weather allows it, and I think some friends are coming over. [edited: they cancelled!!]
I really wanted to do something foodie to mark the occasion so Plan A is to make a cake.
I want to involve the colours of the United Kingdom flag somehow and thought how best but to make a Jubilee Marble Cake.
Of course there are two issues:
1: the blue food colouring along with the normal cake mixture turns green.
2: I can't make white.
But it's good enough I'm sure.

You'll need:
225 grams of caster sugar
225 grams of butter or marg
4 eggs
225 grams of self raising flour
red food colouring
blue food colouring
vanilla essence
3 tablespoons of milk

First mix the sugar and butter until both are well combined. Then add the eggs along with the flour.
Once these are mixed add 3 tablespoons of milk.
Divide your mixture into three bowls. These don't have to be the same amounts.
Into one bowl add some blue food colouring, mix until well combined.
Into another bowl add some red food colouring, mix until well combined.
In the remaining bowl add some vanilla essence.
Grease a cake tin and spoon each of your three mixtures.
Once all the mixtures are in the tin, place in a preheated oven (180degrees for fan assisted) for 45 minutes.

I also wanted to decorate a cake with icing and pretty decorations, as I normally just serve it plain.
I grabbed a jar of raspberry jam, a tub of Betty Crocker 'Buttercream Style Icing' and some 'Sweet Roses' from Asda to have some fun with once the cake had cooled down.

I messed this bit up by smearing jam on first then trying to smear on the icing. I also didn't have enough sweet roses to make it look pretty. Anyway, it tastes god despite not looking how I wanted it to.
Not the best photo as taken with my Blackberry.
I'm linking this up with Mummy Mishaps and the 'I Love Cake' link up:
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