More Charlesisms...

It's time again to share some gems from the mouth of my soon to be three year old.

Whilst playing in the garden recently I went down Charles slide. 
As I lay at the moment he sat on his digger and told me he was going to dig me up. 
I said, "I'm a weed Charles" 
To which he replied "Oh mummy, you best go to the toilet!!"

Whilst watching the Jubilee Celebrations:
Me: Look Charles, that mans name is Prince Charles.
Charles: Wow! That's my name!!
Me: And that man, he's called Prince Harry.
Charles: Yeah! Where's Prince Mummy and Prince Daddy?

The leather cord on my necklace snapped and Charles asked to look at it.
Charles: "Oh dear. I did snip that with my scissors didn't I?"
Me: "Oh! Did you?" (Knowing he hadn't)
Charles: "Yes. When you was asleep!"
Me: "Oh no! You came in the room when I was asleep and snipped my necklace??"
Charles: "Yes. And you did cry in you sleep mummy"
I repeated the whole thing to him, asking if he had snipped my necklace whilst I was asleep and did I cry and he said yes. He also repeated the story later.

Whilst walking into our kitchen:
Charles: "This is the most dangerous floor I have ever seen!!"

Charles: ooooo I want a very big cake for my birthday!
Me: Do you want to have a party for your birthday?
Charles: yes. Just mummy and Harry. Oh and daddy. That's the best party.

Charles: I don't have milk in my boobies. I'm not a mummy. I'm a big boy.
Me: That's right. One day you'll be a daddy won't you.
Charles: Yes. My need to find a girl first. What's the girls name?
Me: I don't know.
Charles: What's the ladies name? My need to find a lady. Not a girl. My need to find a lady tomorrow.
(We were going to a wedding the following day)

Charles: "Mummy there's a Pingo (flamingo) on the stairs"
Me: "Wow is there?!" (I go and have a look)
Charles: "Its not scary mummy"
Me: "Wow! It's very lovely. Can I touch it?"
Charles, whilst frowning "Its not there now mummy. He's gone for his dinner"
Not at all embarrassing!

Me: Charles, you see that house there? That's where Daddy used to live. That's Daddys old house.
Charles: Oh yeah. Daddy is going to work there when he's older.
Another day we visit the same area.
Charles:  Ooooo thats the house Daddy is going to work in when he's older.
Me: You mean, its Daddys old house?
Charles: Yes!

Visiting the small park near my husbands old house.
Charles: Old House Park is so fun.
Me: What's this park called?
Charles: Old House Park.
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