Munchkin Mighty Grip Utensils and Soft Grip Spoons {Review}

I've always found it a struggle to find decent cutlery for Charles. We've found sets for toddlers but most seem to break within no time and I find most of the character themed sets concentrate on the fact that children will be sold on the character aspect that quality doesn't seem an importance.
Munchkin sent us a Mighty Grip Utensil Set for Charles to try out.
The first thing he loved was the colours.
When we opened the pack I thoroughly inspected the quality of the items to see if it was going to last long, liklihood of them bending and also how easy they would be for Charles to use.

They are extremely robust and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't bend or break them.
The soft grip handles make them easy to hold. the shape of the handles also makes it easy for Charles to hold and use.
Having just turned three Charles is now trusted to feed himself at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We obviously expect there to be a little bit of mess. The shape of the fork means that mess is limited and not as frequent as it would be if he used a normal fork.
Spoons tend to be the item of cutlery I have the biggest issue with when it comes to Charles. They are either too small or too big (almost like a soup spoon, not suitable for a little mouth!) The Mighty Grip Spoon is perfect! Not too little, not too big, meaning Charles can use it for any kind of food.
We've also just reached the stage where he likes to use a knife as often as possible. He wants to slice everything, even a baked bean, so obviously we want him to use a knife which is safe, strong and will do the job.
The knife included in this set is, again, perfect.
The soft grip handle means its safe for him to use and won't result in him slipping and causing an accident. It's not sharp so he won't be able to cut himself, yet at the same time it is able to cut through his food without any problems. 

I have a similar problem with weaning spoons as I do with toddler cutlery. I feel as though most weaning spoons are almost disposable and on many occasions with throw them away after only a couple of uses because I find they lose their shape quickly or simply just don't work very well.
Munchkin sent us 6 Soft Tip Spoons to review and I have to say I am in love with them. I didn't think spoons could make me so happy!
They are SO easy to use.
The first thing you notice about these spoons is the colours. Munchkin products all come in lovely bright colours which I think is fantastic. Not only because it attracts children but also because they are easy to find in the bottom of a change bag or handbag!
I like the fact that the colours are mixed in the pack and aren't just 6 pink/purple/green. Even the pink spoon has blue detail on so all of the spoons are suitable for boys and girls. (I have no problem with my boys using pink spoons or cups but I know some people are funny about such things)

The handles of the spoons are long which makes them really easy to hold. They're also perfect for reaching the bottom of jars or storage pots to scoop out the last of the baby food.
Not only are they easy for me to hold but also Harry. He tends to let me feed him most of his yogurt (which is the main thing we use these spoons for) then decides he would like to do the rest.
The spoons are quite deep which makes it easy to scoop up food and also means its not all going to pour out everywhere and create a mess. Well, of course there will be some mess but its nearly as bad as other spoons we've used in the past.
The spoons are soft yet tough so they won't lose their shape. Harry tends to chew on spoons once he's finished his food and so far we've seen no evidence of teeth marks or damage to the spoons whatsoever.
They are very easy to clean and don't lose their colour or shape in the dishwasher. (unlike other brands, bonus!)
 We were sent these items to review, my words are honest and not influenced.

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