Summer {See It, Snap It, Love It}

I've never really been a fan of a particular season before. I didn't mind winter or summer. I saw the beauty and benefit in them all.
But now I have children I definitely prefer Summer...well when it's not raining!

I love being able to go out and explore and not have to wear heavy coats or worry about getting wet and finding somewhere to hide if it rains.
Both boys are good at having suncream applied so we only have to contend with them both keeping their hats on and Charles making sure he wears his sunglasses.
I love going for a walk and not knowing what the time is, then looking at your watch and realise its much later than you thought it was.
I love being able to spend time in the garden too. In our own space.
Harry loves discovering new things and uses his feet to explore new textures. He loves the feel of grass [well mostly weeds!] between his toes.

This photo was taken a couple of Saturdays ago, on my Blackberry hense the quality.
I love Harry's clashing clothes.
You can just make out his red eyes. He managed to run suncream into them and his eyes puffed up and streamed for 24 hours. It was awful.
Still, inbetween the screaming with discomfort and sleeping because of the pain in his eyes he enjoyed his time in the garden.

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