Three In A Hotel Bed

A month ago we were lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of a friend of my husbands.
We were worried at first as it seemed as though the boys weren't invited but it was either a mistake or they changed their minds. As the location was 2 hours away it wasn't an option to leave the boys with someone else.
We booked a room at the hotel the wedding was taking place and arrived an hour before the ceremony.
We'd got half ready before we left so all we had to do was get dressed.
We'd already planned that if either of the boys were to play up during the ceremony that I would leave and my husband would stay. I kind of hoped it wouldn't come to this.
I hoped!
Of course I ended up running out of the room within 5 minutes as Harry decided to shout "Row, row, row dadad!" and laugh very loudly. And Charles decided to whinge that he wanted to "go home or go dancing".
Thankfully the bride and groom didn't hear them.

We had a great time at the meal and at the reception following the ceremony. Harry went to sleep in his pushchair and I danced with Charles, whenever he wanted to.
We went to bed leaving daddy downstairs with his friends.

The room had a double bed, travel cot and a single bed. Neither of the boys would go in the travel cot, I didn't expect them to, so in the end I slept in the double with both of the boys. It was amazing. I loved waking up and looking one side and seeing Harry and looking the other side and seeing Charles.
They were both play fighting and cuddling and laughing when we got to bed so it took me a while to calm them down and get to sleep.
In the morning I was surprised to wake up at 9.30am and still have the boys and my husband sleeping and had to wake them all up.

We then spent the day at Woburn Safari Park which was an absolute nightmare and not something I'd recommend on a bank holiday.

We basically paid £40 to sit in a traffic jam all day. The management of the queue's was shocking and...well...non existent.
But it didn't ruin the time we'd had the previous day at our friends wedding.


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