Water Play, Water Fight.

With Harry still suffering a tiny bit with chicken pox and Charles possibly about to get it, mixed in with hot muggy weather I decided we should take our new Flexibath and some of our Munchkin Squirty Fish into the garden to have a bit of water play to cool ourselves down.

At first we were having a wonderful time, just splashing, fishing out the fish, and then one thing lead to another and it became a full on water fight. They started it....I promise.....ok....I started it.
I have memories of really fun water fights with my brother when I was little so it was fantastic to reignite some of that fun and those memories but with my own boys.
Charles ended up soaked and was a really good sport.
I also ended up soaked with mascara all down my face, hense the lack of photos of me this time.

By the end we were all cooled down, for half an hour at least, and feeling a lot happier.
This is how he does thumbs up.

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