Brem-Sur-Mer {Flashback Friday}

Back in 2010 my sister in law and her then-fiance/now-husband asked if we wanted to accompany them on a camping trip to France. We had been camping before but had never thought of camping abroad. We decided to give it a go.
We'd recently bought a Freelander and thought it was the best car to take to France due to the space. We were obviously travelling via the Eurotunnel, which was especially exciting as I hadn't travelled that way before.
We went in July and the weather was great at times except for the one day which it was drizzly. It wasn't too bad because it had been really hot so it kind of cleared the air. The complex we stayed on was lovely and we couldn't recommend Brem Sur Mere enough. It's such a romantic little town with an amazing bar/restuarant and a bakery to die for!
I also fell in love with a shop with the most beautiful maxi dresses. The creepy owner took a shine to me so I quickly stopped my visits there alone and took back up in the form of my sister-in-law and her now-step-sons.

The worst bit about camping there was the mosquito bites. There were 8 of us altogether and Charles was the only one to not be bitten. The bites we all had were awful, my husband had to go to the doctors about his when we returned home because they were so bad. We'd bought a big air bed which very quickly either burst or split straight away and resulted in us sleeping on a hard ground for the remainder of the time there. We bought a Lilo for Charles to sleep on although it was quite cold at night so he spent most of the time snuggled up to me feeding.
Another thing that needed a trip to the doctors was our car. Halfway to the Eurotunnel on our way home our car all of a sudden started making an extremely loud noise. I can't remember quite what it was but I do know we were extremely lucky to make it the rest of the 3 hour journey to the Eurotunnel and then home, and not end up stranded in France. It was a serious and expensive problem which cost a lot of money and put me without a car for a few weeks.

It was our first holiday abroad with Charles so it's one I will never forget. He was so well behaved and a real pleasure to travel with. We dumped our tent when we returned home so we need to purchase a new one before we make any other camping plans.
I hope one day we can return to Brem Sur Mer or at least camp somewhere else in France.

Babies can sleep anywhere

Camping doesn't always  require wellies

Camping can still be glam

Bread in France is amazing

He totally rocks the bed head look

France gives you a glow

Pints here are amazing

A drive to France will begin at stupid o clock

My husband rocks pink sunglasses

The beaches are glorious