Documenting Smiles, Laughs and Good Times.

A friend recently commented, although was possibly making a slight dig at me, about girls who constantly post photos of themselves posing onto Facebook. Now although I don't do that I do regularly post photos of me and the boys on there.
It may come across as me loving myself, but it's not that at all because I'm incredibly self conscious. I take photos of myself and the boys because simply, no one else does. In the whole year of Harry being born I have had to ask to have a photo taken of me and the boys. I've just realised that it's easier to take it myself, or set the camera onto self timer.

I'm so proud of the boys and want to capture and document the smiles and laughs and good times that I've had with them. If not when they are older and we are looking through photos they would only ever see photos of themselves or their daddy with hardly any of me.
To everyone else these are just normal photos but to me they have meaning. I know when they were taken, where they were taken, why they were taken, why we were smiling....it's nothing to do with being vain.
It's about the moment.



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