Glitter and Glue: Rainy Day Crafts

Today I couldn't be bothered to go to the zoo, go for a walk, or go out at all. Which turned out to be a great idea as the weather has been awful!!
I wanted to do something involving craft and decided to print off some of the colouring sheets from the Cbeebies site to then colour and paint. I also remembered some tubes of glitter hanging around since Christmas so we made a quick visit to Asda to pick up some Pritt Stick and PVA glue.

Charles coloured in some of the pictures and then we decided to be adventurous.
It was a team effort. I dotted and lined the glue in various places on the pictures and Charles sprinkled the glitter on, we then shook off the loose glitter and have now left the glue to dry.
They actually turned out really well and were a something a bit different from the usual colouring or painting.

We're impressed anyway and will be making some more!

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