Harry Turns One

I can't quite believe the title of this post.  
Harry Turns One.

I'm amazed at how amazing he is. I know that sounds totally wrong. Of course he's amazing, he's my child.
But I mean I thought second time round everything would just pass me by. All of the developments. Because I'd been through them before, not so long ago really, I thought it wouldn't be as exciting.
Yet so far, each development, each milestone has been just as fantastic and exciting as before.
Even better, I have Charles to share it with. And he is as excited as I am which is amazing. Seeing his face light up as Harry does something new, to see him so proud of his baby brother, to hear him shout "yay! well done brother!" is a moment to really treasure.

Walking is so last week. Now he seems to run everywhere. Although it's almost like he can't stop his little legs and needs brakes.
He's really steady on his feet and rarely falls over which is fantastic. My mum said that she thought he wouldn't walk before his 1st birthday because at one point he seemed to not be able to balance. Two days after that he took his first steps.
Now he literally is on his feet as much as possible and only crawls if he really needs to.
He dances, literally by standing and waving his arms and bouncing his legs and shaking his hips.
He waves and claps. His wave is very royal.
He will wave and say 'hiya' or 'heyro'.
Other words he says are:
Was'a (what's that?)
Bye bye
Heyro (hello)
Row Row
Thersis (there it is)
Hiya dada

I'm pretty sure that he also said "cat" last night too.

We've just entered the pointing stage. Everything that is pointed at is then either waved at or he'll ask "was'a". He will point at Charles if we say "where's Charlie?" or "where's brother?"

Charles calls him Mr Harry Snail. It's a random nickname which has stuck. Harry will respond if we call "Snail" "Harry Snail" "Mr Snail" or "Mr Harry Snail".

He loves looking at photos and can pick me, his daddy and Charles out if I ask where we are.
He loves animals. He particularly loves the Giraffes at the zoo and has a fascination with dogs and cats.

Weaning has gone a little bit off course at the moment which I'm blaming on the chicken pox. He only really seems happy when he's eating yogurts. Although has also found a new love in Jaffa Cakes (do not judge me!!)

He is so into his big brother it's amazing. He laughs at him and gets so excited when he see's his photo when Charles is in bed. 

We are still breastfeeding and cosleeping, and loving it. Although the cosleeping is causing him to fight sleep at night but it doesn't matter to much.
Naps in the day can either be short or non-existant, unless we are out and he sleeps in his pushchair or carseat.
He still goes through moments of hating his carseat and I literally have to pin him down to strap him in.
He is a velcro baby and is mostly happy as long as he is sat on my hip.
This is all pretty similar to how things were with Charles.

I am head over heels in love with this little boy. He has really completed our family and fit in so well. It's hard to think that there was a time that he wasn't here.

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