Heveningham Country Fayre

On Sunday we'd planned on having a day out and picnic at Thetford Forest. Last minute we changed our plans as we remembered the Country Fayre at Heveningham. We wanted to go last year but Harry was days old so it wasn't convenient.
The weather forecast was shocking but we decided to risk it, armed with wellies, raincoats, waterproof ponchos, umbrellas and raincovers. Thankfully we took those things with us because it rained on and off all day but we had a fantastic time.
We visited the small funfair when we first arrived. Charles, my husband, my mum and her partner had a go on the Dodgems, then Charles went on the teacups with my mum. We then let him go on the bungee trampoline. My husband and mum were concerned incase he was too small for it. I knew he'd be fine because Jenny, aka Mummy Mishaps, had posted about Burton doing similar earlier this year.
Charles loved it and we all had little panics when he was elivated ridiculously high in the sky....and then we would all start laughing.
He then went on the rollercoaster. It was his first time on one by himself. We thought for a minute that he may hate it but he loved it! They had to stop to let the other boy off as he was shouting "stop train stop" but then it carried on with Charles as the only passenger.
We then made our way back to the car for the picnic. On the way to the car we stood and watched Morris Dancers. I love Morris Dancing and could have  watched them for hours.
Once we'd finished our picnic the rain started again so we headed back to the arena and to the food court for a look around.
I love the food courts at these kind of events, especially when they feature crepes....which this one didn't!! But thank goodness they were located outside. Phew!
Inside the food court though we tried some local fruity wine (Rhubarb...yum!!) and I discovered Munchy Seeds. I urge you to check out their website and the Chilli mix. Amazing!!
We then went for a coffee and sat and watched some shows in the main arena. The weather was still all over the place. We walked around the arena, visiting the stalls and the craft tent.
We stood and watched some fun dog racing then left at 5pm.
It was a lovely family day, great atmosphere and fantastic community feel.
We certainly won't let the rain ever scare us off again.


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