Mama Tea {Review}

I have always been a fan of herbal teas, mainly because my mum drinks them. During the latter stages of both of my pregnancies I regularly drank Raspberry Leaf Tea. 
Mama Tea, was created by mum of two Anna Louise Simpson to suit each stage of pregnancy.
She says:

I discovered herbal tea during my first pregnancy. However, I struggled to find tasty herbal teas for the different stages of pregnancy, therefore I wanted to create my own range for others to enjoy.

I was sent a box of each of the teas to review. Although the only one relevant to me at the moment is the one specifically for breastfeeding, it was still great to be able to review the others.
In the range is:
  • morning mama: a ginger and chamomile blend
  • glowing mama: a rooibos and elderflower blend
  • cool mama: a spearmint and chamomile blend
  • ready mama: a raspberry leaf and rose petal blend
  • new mama: a fennel and liquorice blend
I really wish I had discovered these when pregnant.
Each tea has strong flavour with lots of taste but not in an overpowering kind of way.
As I discovered each flavour I thought "wow, this is my favourite" then would try another flavour and think exactly the same.
I have used more of the New Mama, Fennel and Liquorice tea due to still breastfeeding. Normally I can't stand Liquorice BUT this tea is beautiful. A very strong taste, sweet but not sickly. In fact I've found it a great alternative to dessert at night and to keep late night munchies at bay!
My mum and I both suffer from migraines and she was having a tough time with one one morning. I thought to offer her the Morning Mama tea as she said her migraine was feeling sick. We thought it was worth a try.
An hour later she text me from work to say that she was feeling less sick and felt as though her tummy had settled, and she put it down to the tea. Morning Mama is now going to be part of her routine when she has a migraine.
I loved them all though and think they are essential for every mama-to-be or breastfeeding mama....as well as everyone else to be honest!

Mama Tea is available from the Mama Tea website and a selection of stockists in the UK.
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