Munchy Seeds {Review}

I'm quite open to the fact that I love food. A lot.
I've never really eaten breakfast so do tend to graze a lot during the day, especially since breastfeeding.

Last week we visited Heveningham Country Fayre. I love events like this, mainly for the food tent and food stalls. I don't mean eating all of it of course, but just discovering new foods and new companies.
We tasted some local wine and then noticed next to this stall was some pots of seeds. I spotted that there were spoons in the pots so obviously we could taste the food there and then. Brilliant.
I didn't expect to fall in love with the food though and end up being dragged away from the stall by my mum.

As soon as I got home I went straight onto Twitter, searched for Munchy Seeds and then tweeted them
to let them know how fantastic I think their product is.
I was of course delighted when they replied asking if I would like them to send me some samples!

I was sent a pack of
* Choccy Munchy Seeds: Dark Begian Chocolate with Chilli and Ginger
* Chilli Mix
* Vanilla Pumpkin Mix

The first pack I tried was the Vanilla Pumpkin Mix, simply because I didn't try these at the Country Fayre. Now my first plan was just to try one as I was cooking dinner at the time. As I say, that  was my plan. Within no time at all I was left holding an empty pack. Oops!
These are amazing! Really really amazing. Addictive and...well AMAZING! Even writing about them now is making my mouth water.
I was kind and gave a couple to Charles to try and he also loved them.

I'd tried the Choccy Munchy Seeds at the Country Fayre and really liked them, despite not being a huge chocolate fan.
The Chilli isn't overpowering and really compliments the dark belgian chocolate.

And now to my ultimate favourite. The Chilli Mix. Since I was pregnant with Harry I've found a whole new love for Chilli and Spices. Well, before Harry I had always loved Bombay Mix..although only at Christmas.
I tried the Chilli mix at the Country Fayre and had to stop myself from eating the whole pot. It is AMAZING!! Not too spicy but full of flavour. It's almost like a seedy version of Bombay mix. These are probably the most addictive of all the flavours I have tasted.

At the Country Fayre we also tried:
* Choccy Seeds with Apricot. These were Charles' favourites.
* Munchy Granola
* Omega Sprinkle
* Honey Seeds

All again were really tasty and full of flavour.
They would be great simply as a snack or added to porridge, yogurt, flapjacks (something I am going to try soon) and in stir fries.
The main thing I love about these is that its a snack that can be enjoyed by all the family, and they are healthy.

You can purchase these tasty treats online or from a local stockist.
They are available in 200g tubs, 500g tubs or 25g sachets (ideal for lunch boxes and picnics!)

I couldn't recommend Munchy Seeds enough, and I guarantee that if you bought some you would not regret it.

Although we were sent some sachets of Munchy Seeds all words above are honest and my own.
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