Organix Goodies: Veg and Oat Bars {Review}

With Harry now eating and over 12 months I'm constantly looking for foods, in particular that are suitable for both boys.

Organix Goodies sent us a pack of 6 Sweetcorn and Red Pepper flavoured Organic Veg and Oat Bars to review.

I've recently found it harder to get vegetables into Charles. He tends to go through stages of eating them, then not eating them. We are currently going through a not eating them stage.

Snacks like these from Organix give me great confidence due to their No Junk Promise, No Added Salt, No Artificial Colours or Flavours, No Hydrogenated Fats.
These delicious bars are made with dried sweetcorn and red pepper with the goodness of wholegrain oats.  Then they are gently baked for a soft savoury taste.
Both boys do have a sweet tooth so I wondered how they would get on with these. It's odd as when you first open them you automatically assume they will be sweet due to them looking like flapjacks. Being a savoury snack the sweetness isn't there but welcomes an alternative savoury flavour.

Charles loved them and would have eaten all 6 in one sitting if he had the chance. Harry also liked them but I think he struggled a little with the texture, which isn't surprising as he is still trying new textures all the time.
We will definitely try other flavours in the range.
These are a fantastic snack to include in lunchboxes, picnics or as a mid morning/afternoon snack.

Organix Goodies Veg and Oat Bars retail at £2.49 for a pack of 6 bars.

We were sent a pack of the Veg and Oat bars in exchange for this review. All words above are my own.
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