Realisation Number One {Flashback Friday}

It's when you look at old photos that you realise a few things. My husband was able to recover the hard-drive from our old laptop today, thus finding hundreds if not thousands of photos we'd taken since 2002, when we first got together. The photos stop at the beginning of 2009...when the laptop died on me.
Looking through the photos I realised a few things which I will reveal over the next few weeks via Flashback Friday.
Realisation number one:

I look much better with blonde hair.

This dark monstrosity was due to a trainee hairdresser totally not listening to what I wanted. I wanted to be my natural colour (ash blonde) with lots of blonde highlights. Instead I left with dark hair and a flash of blonde underneath the sides. Really it was not good.
I used to wear a lot of colourful eyeshadow and it just didn't suit me after having my hair dark. It wasn't very me at all.
Someone who I worked with said "Oh Lauren what have you done to yourself?!" and many of the girls there didn't even recognise me. I'd gone from long bright blonde hair to short blonde hair then short dark hair.

Totally not me.

Taken a different day to the photo above although I have the same top on.
wahhh! excuse the grumpy expression!
Wasn't too bad when I then had a few highlight and helped towards my "rock look" when going to a concert!...even if it was a George Michael concert.
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