Realisation Number Two {Flashback Friday}

Following my husbands super dooper rescue skills and a rediscovery of old photos, I have some new photos to share for Flashback Friday! Yay!
Last week I posted my first 'Realisation' following the arrival of the old photos. This week is another 'realisation'.
My husband will be feeling very smug if he reads this.....but.....realisation number two....

Camping isn't actually that bad.

We loved camping at Kelling Heath in Norfolk. We camped there twice and loved it, and then camped at it's sister site another year, only due to Kelling Heath being fully booked. Big mistake. It was disgusting. Poo in the showers, cramped in like sardines, there was the two of us surrounded by families so we were being woken up at stupid o clock each morning....great organisation. They should have stuck families together and couples on another part of the site, it was definitely doable. We ended up leaving 2 days early it was that bad but, as you can see by the second collage, we were able to have a little bit of fun.
We have since thrown away our tent and one day hope to purchase one which is easier to erect. The one we had took ages to set up, although was very reliable and survived a rainstorm on each camping trip!
We had a fourth camping experience which I will tell you about next week.