Summer {Flashback Friday}

My Twitter feed has recently been full of people moaning about the weather, rightly so. Moaning about the rain, the wind, the lack of Summer.
We've been quite lucky that the weather has been nice and sunny here, with the odd rainfall here and there. Night times have been horribly hot at the moment, both boys have been sleeping in just nappies.

When I think of summer there's a lot to choose from. I have lots of photos of the boys in the garden, down the beach and so on. But there was one photo which immediately came to mind.
This was taken in May 2009, the 24th to be exact. I was 8 and a half(ish) months pregnant. We were on our way to my mother in law's for lunch/dinner and took a detour to Santon Downham for a walk. We were limited with how far we could walk because my sciatica was awful.
We went to get an ice cream, played dodge the car on a dangerous bridge, watched some RAF airplanes go over and then walked along this footpath beside a river.
It was an absolutely beautiful day and the walk was lovely, although it was cut short because the plants you can see either side of me here, we FULL of bee's. Absolutely full.

I remember it being such a lovely day despite the pesky bee's.
In fact if the weather remains nice this year then we are hoping to take the boys there, a little bit further up the footpath so we can wade in the river (which I did as a child)

I'm linking this up with Flashback Friday, hosted by Emma at A Matter of Choice. The theme this week is Summer.