Where The Wild Things Are: Tots100 Film Club Review.

I have been selected to take part in the Tots100 Film Club with Warner Bros. Our first film for review is Where The Wild Things Are.
I was especially excited to watch this film because we are fans of the book, written by Maurice Sendak. It was one of the first childrens books we purchased when pregnant with Charles and it was one of the books my husband would regularly read to my 'bump'.

The story is about Max, a young boy who runs away from home after feeling terribly unhappy and unwanted, mostly due to his mother not giving him enough attention and his sister and her friends being a bit too rough with him. Max leaves wearing his wolf costume and heads towards an imaginary world.
He finds a boat, jumps into it and sails the stormy sea until he reaches an island. On this island he finds some fuzzy monsters and wild beasts. These beasts would normally eat strange creatures like Max but they took a shine to him and befriended him. He claims he is a king who can fix the island and all of the creatures problems by building them a kingdom.

We personally found the film a little bit dark at the beginning and maybe it's because of this that I couldn't get into it as much as I'd hoped.
The film is rated PG, and I can understand why they gave it this rating. I distracted Charles at the beginning because of what was going on.
My husband watched the film separately to us but had the same feelings.
We felt it was hard to get into and was repetative in places. We will give it another go at some point. I wonder if maybe we expected too much from it which was why we were slightly disappointed.
We didn't expect it to have such a "deep" storyline or for it to be as emotive as it was. I would'nt have said it was suitable for young children as Charles really had no idea what was going on, which is a shame as he really likes the book.

All that aside the extras on the dvd were great, especially as some were exclusive to Blu-Ray. The costumes, monsters and props were amazing in the film, in fact I was blown away by the monsters and had to remind myself that they weren't real.

As I say we were a tiny bit disappointed but would definitely try again, maybe without the boys around as a distraction so we could concentrate more.
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We were sent a copy of the film to review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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