Changing Rooms {Flashback Friday}

We still haven't moved Harry into his bedroom yet. We do however have his cot set up in the spare room where we have been co sleeping. He occasionally sleeps in there, and occasionally sleeps in bed with me.
He will be taking over the smaller of the three bedrooms, which I'm feeling so guilty about, I wish all three bedrooms were the same size, I hate the fact that because he is the youngest he gets the smallest room but the alternative is for the boys to share a room which would never work!
I loved the way Charles' room was decorated but something was niggling at me. It wasn't very Harry. The room was decorated to suit Charles' likes and his personalities.
The room didn't mean anything to Harry.

The majority of things Harry has, wears, plays with, and so on is second hand. He has a brand new cot bed but only because or original one broke.
I wanted to at least give him his own bedroom.
We made a spur of the moment trip to Homebase and purchased two big tins of paint.
A week passed and then one day I just grabbed one of the tins and set about painting. I didn't think about what I was doing until I'd painted half of a wall. It was then that the sadness kicked in and I took photos of the room we were now erasing and moving on from.
It's only a room I know but I put a lot of effort into the decoration and it was Charles' first bedroom.

I didn't expect to feel so sad looking at the photos but I do. Although, I love the colours we have painted it now and the plans I have for it are quite exciting...if I can manage to do it all as I imagine.

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Birthday List: Number 27

As my birthday creeps ever closer I have already set myself the task of writing my Birthday Present Wishlist. I've made a Birthday and Christmas list every year since I can remember. I don't expect everything on my list, but I find it easier to say to someone "here's my list" if they ask me what I'd like. That way they get me something they know I'll appreciate and like, or can get me vouchers for stores they can see would suit me from my list.

I won't even get a quarter of what's on this list but anything I don't get will then be added to my Christmas list.
One thing on this list was on last years Birthday and Christmas list so I'm desperate for it this year (Fingerprint Charm)
I know I am getting 1 from the list from my mum, I am far too good at guessing  and ruined my I always do. (I should be a detective)

I have a feeling that a couple of things will end up being birthday presents to me, from me, as I am so desperate for them.
Brat? Me? Never.
Fussy? Maybe.


Pre School Looms

In 2 weeks time Charles is starting Pre School.
He'll be going for 15 hours a week, which have been spread over 5 days.
He is so excited and he did really well at his visit and settling in session in July. We were able to leave him within around 10-20 minutes we were walking out of the door leaving him behind. After a phone call an hour later to tell us he was doing really well the manager said "See you at 11:45".
I missed him for those little 3 hours and couldn't stop thinking about what he was doing, if he was talking to the staff, if he was talking to the other children, if he was sitting alone by himself unsure of what he was allowed to do.

Walking in to collect him, he looked so tiny, sat on little chairs. My heart fluttered and I ran over to hug him. He showed me a painting he had created whilst there, we then paid for his additional t-shirts, spoke to the manager and then ran to the car dodging the large rain drops.

We waited for a while until we received our letter informing us of his start date and session days/times. I felt a bit sick the day it arrived.
It all of a sudden felt real.
I felt like a parent.
Not a mummy.
But a parent.

Other than when he visited a Childminder briefly at the beginning of the year for one morning a week I have never really been apart from him, certainly not on a regular basis. Although the quality time with Harry will be lovely I will still miss my big boy.
I am worried about leaving him in the hands of women I don't know. Women who don't know him.

As the day looms ever closer I face constant questions from Charles.
"Am I going to Pre School today mummy?"
"Can I go to Pre School yet?"
"I'm going to make friends mummy. What will their names be?"
"Can I play with the play dough at Pre School?"

And more importantly, the statement he makes everyday settles me in my fear and guilt of sending him there.
"I really can't wait to go to preschool".


Another Fab Family Day Out

A couple of weeks ago we discovered a fantastic place to visit. We've been members of English Heritage since September(ish) last year and so far felt disappointed. Until we found Castle Acre Priory.
We immediately fell in love with the place and so did the boys.

We went back on Sunday to have a picnic and let the boys run around. The staff are always so welcoming and we felt so comfortable there.
We had a posh picnic, set up our suntent and took Charles' football so the boys could have a kick about.

I sat and watched my boys and husband and realised how lucky I am.

We played within the ruins and Charles pretended to be a chef and then a shopkeeper.

We discovered a stairway which we missed last time and Charles was amazing. I'm not good with steps and as he guided me up I said "Look Charles, we need to go back, mummy is stuck" and he said "Mummy, do you want some help. Here's my hand" and helped me up the stairs.
As we got to the top he turned round and said "there's three more steps ok. Oh, and there's a butterfly" And took my hand to help me up the last few steps.
He then told me about how beautiful the rooms were upstairs and was a little tour guide.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Home Grown

Sometimes in life it's the little things which can really make you smile, or excite you or make you feel so proud.
This might seem silly to some but I spotted this little guest on our apple tree recently. Yes, it's an apple. But seeing as our apple tree is still so young and was only planted towards the end of last year we are really excited and impressed.
Although, I did wonder if it was a hoak as it seemed to just appear from out of nowhere.

He's a little bit lonely at the moment so I can't wait for the tree to be fully grown and full of more round green treats.


The Best Cure on a Hot Day

After visiting the Maize Maze yesterday there was nothing better than to immediately set up the paddling pool as soon as we arrived home. The boys jumped straight in, both got soaked, and despite Harry's face in the photos he was loving it and would not get out. He kept laying down, rolling around, getting up and jumping back down.

There really is nothing better than a paddling pool full of cold water on a very hot summers day.



A Very Hot, A-Maze-ing Day

 We went to a local Maize Maze today to celebrate one of Charles' friends third birthday.
The weather was over 30 degrees and stupid me decided to wear skinny jeans! Which I soon regretted.
If you ever saw the episode of Friends where Ross wore leather trousers....that!

Despite being so hot my two boys enjoyed the couple of hours we were there. They both played in the sand pit and the various toys available and whilst we walked around the maze Harry slept and Charles explored. At various times we thought we were lost but I used my super dooper direction skills and raced ahead and found the exit!

The journey home was a bit of a nightmare. I found some lovely country roads but Charles was sick. I think due to the hot weather.
We had a fab couple of hours though, it was a shame it ended so soon but we may go back simply so the boys can play in the sand pit and other toys without me worrying so much about them escaping due to the wooden fence keeping them in.

We were grateful for our padding pool when we got home.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Shame on you Star Magazine

If I show you this magazine cover what do you notice? Do you notice anything wrong with it?

I did. I noticed something very very wrong with it. And everytime the advert comes on tv I want to scream. I want to go and buy every copy of the magazine, rip up the front over and burn it.
Let me point it out for you.
I'm really struggling to work out how someone, or a group of people, could be as insensitive as to put these three stories next to each other?
There is SO much I want to say about this but I fear that I may be the one to come across insensitive or maybe even like I'm over reacting.
I'm not over reacting though, right?
This is very wrong, isn't it?

Losing a child is clearly one of the worst things any parent can go through, and I imagine it is so so hard for Gary Barlow and family to have to go through this so publically. In fact, I say I imagine it is hard, the thing is, I can't really imagine what they are going through. To have constant reminders whenever they look at a newspaper, magazine, the television, radio, Twitter and so on.

Of course, I wouldn't expect anyone who is pregnant to then feel like they can't announce their pregnancies, as Fearne Cotton did, but Imogen Thomas....well, it's best I keep my opinions about her to myself.

In this case, why did the magazine feel it necessary to place these three stories so close together.
It seems that 'lack of a heart' and 'lack of sensitivity' are both top of the job description for whoever put these stories so close together and then for whoever approved it.

I can't quite put my anger into words. 

Butlins 90's Weekend {Flashback Friday}

A couple of weeks ago I was announced as one of a lucky 40 bloggers selected to be Butlins Ambassadors. In tribute to this I thought it apt to share a previous visit to Butlins.

Back in 2008 we had a weekend away with my sister-in-law, her partner at the time and their friends at Butlins Skegness. We didn't know what it would be like because we didn't really know the group. I was excited to know who was performing that weekend as the 90's was when I really discovered music.
Right Said Fred
Michelle Gayle
Baby D
Chesney Hawkes
And randomly David Gest
And others I can't remember.

I was really excited to see Right Said Fred, and 911. I had served Jimmy a few times when I worked at Boots and it seemed odd that I would then be watching him perform.
I got incredibly drunk the first night, ended up crying, calling a bouncer a naughty name because he wouldn't let me back stage to see Right Said Fred, until he then told me it's because they were being complete divas.

The next night my husband went to bed early after we'd been drinking since the afternoon. I though, carried on and by the end of the night was completely out of it.
The following night we were all tired and I was the only one who wanted to dance. I had spent all day lounging around the chalet expecting to be sick.

It was an amazing weekend but I swear I was hungover for a week after that. It didn't help that when I returned to work I had to go onto the roof to sort out the fire escape ladder. The world was spinning, I'm surprised I didn't fall off the roof.

If I ever got the chance to have a child free weekend, way in the future, I would definitely do one of these weekends again.


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