An Evening at the Races.

I detest boy racers. I'm not that interested in cars. And sports, well, sport is boring.
Yet I seem to have found an interest in something I never, ever thought I would be interest in. Stock Car and Banger Racing.
The adrenaline at hearing the engines roaring, the smell of the burning rubber and fuel, the competitive atmosphere, all building up make me feel really excited! I actually enjoy watching what is essentially boy racers racing cars around a track. Of course the demolition derby is always the highlight of the night. Two weeks ago we saw the best example of this as all the cars wanting to be involved came out for one last race until there was one left standing out of a total of around ten.
It was amazing.

This week they had Double Deckers. Not buses. Double Decker cars. Or in one of the entrants case, a triple decker!
The end race was with the three men involved coming back but one of the cars wouldn't start so it was between two in the end. And, of course, one ended up on it's side...right in front of us. Queue excited squeals from me....although then panic that the driver was hurt and that the car would blow up.
Little did we know it would take them so long to be able to recover the car......and whilst the majority of the other spectators had gone we were left watching to make sure the car was ok. This was at Charles' request. He had to know the car was recovered ok, if not I would have heard about it for days.

He also said, quite loudly, that he would have been able to fix the car much quicker and should have taken his own screwdriver, drill and spanner.


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