Another Fab Family Day Out

A couple of weeks ago we discovered a fantastic place to visit. We've been members of English Heritage since September(ish) last year and so far felt disappointed. Until we found Castle Acre Priory.
We immediately fell in love with the place and so did the boys.

We went back on Sunday to have a picnic and let the boys run around. The staff are always so welcoming and we felt so comfortable there.
We had a posh picnic, set up our suntent and took Charles' football so the boys could have a kick about.

I sat and watched my boys and husband and realised how lucky I am.

We played within the ruins and Charles pretended to be a chef and then a shopkeeper.

We discovered a stairway which we missed last time and Charles was amazing. I'm not good with steps and as he guided me up I said "Look Charles, we need to go back, mummy is stuck" and he said "Mummy, do you want some help. Here's my hand" and helped me up the stairs.
As we got to the top he turned round and said "there's three more steps ok. Oh, and there's a butterfly" And took my hand to help me up the last few steps.
He then told me about how beautiful the rooms were upstairs and was a little tour guide.

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