Bedstar Mattress Topper {Review}

When we moved into our house 5 years ago I forced my husband into buying us a new bed. The one we had was ok, it was a double bed with a cheap mattress and I longed for a comfortable night sleep, especially as I was launching myself into working full time and as a result spending around 13 hours plus a day on my feet I wanted to be able to come home and look forward to getting into a nice comfy bed.
What surprised me the most was the price of mattresses. We bought a King Size bed and therefore had no choice but to spend a lot of money on a mattress.

Our double bed was the sent to the spare room, the mattress was so uncomfortable we felt we constantly had to apologise to guests for the lack of sleep they were about to encounter.

Now I wish I'd known about mattress toppers.

Mattress toppers are perfect to give life back to an old, uncomfortable mattress. Simply lay the topper on top of your mattress, place your usual bed sheet on top et voile!
Now although our mattress isn't old and still has life in it we still reviewed the mattress (to be completely honest we were due to review memory foam pillows but there was a mix up which is why we received the mattress)
Our mattress is hard, we've always preferred to lay on a hard mattress so obviously sleeping was going to be a lot different with a topper. We didn't realise how much the topper would change the feel of the mattress.
No longer was it hard, it was completely soft, spongy and as Charles put it "very very bouncy".
My husband felt quite achy the following morning but the more he has slept on it the better it is and he now finds it really comfortable, which is quite a change from someone who used to only want to sleep on a hard mattress.

The Benefits:
Keeps your correct posture
Relieves circulation problems
Always retains its shape
Never needs turning
Ideal for Asthma sufferers
Moulds to your body
Luxury removable zipped cover
No springs
Anti Allergenic
Breathable mattress
The mattress topper is made from memory foam material and therefore moulds to your body shape, almost guaranteeing a good night sleep.
My mums old mattress was becoming very uncomfortable has a mattress topper and swears by it. She was pleased that, although the mattress toppers aren't cheap, she didn't have to pay out for a completely new king size mattress.
If you love a soft mattress then a mattress topper is perfect for you. Especially a memory foam one like the Bed Star, Star Collection Mattress Topper.
These are great value for money are available for all size mattresses.

We were sent a Mattress Topper for the purpose of this review. All words above are my own and are honest.
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