Butlins 90's Weekend {Flashback Friday}

A couple of weeks ago I was announced as one of a lucky 40 bloggers selected to be Butlins Ambassadors. In tribute to this I thought it apt to share a previous visit to Butlins.

Back in 2008 we had a weekend away with my sister-in-law, her partner at the time and their friends at Butlins Skegness. We didn't know what it would be like because we didn't really know the group. I was excited to know who was performing that weekend as the 90's was when I really discovered music.
Right Said Fred
Michelle Gayle
Baby D
Chesney Hawkes
And randomly David Gest
And others I can't remember.

I was really excited to see Right Said Fred, and 911. I had served Jimmy a few times when I worked at Boots and it seemed odd that I would then be watching him perform.
I got incredibly drunk the first night, ended up crying, calling a bouncer a naughty name because he wouldn't let me back stage to see Right Said Fred, until he then told me it's because they were being complete divas.

The next night my husband went to bed early after we'd been drinking since the afternoon. I though, carried on and by the end of the night was completely out of it.
The following night we were all tired and I was the only one who wanted to dance. I had spent all day lounging around the chalet expecting to be sick.

It was an amazing weekend but I swear I was hungover for a week after that. It didn't help that when I returned to work I had to go onto the roof to sort out the fire escape ladder. The world was spinning, I'm surprised I didn't fall off the roof.

If I ever got the chance to have a child free weekend, way in the future, I would definitely do one of these weekends again.


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