Changing Rooms {Flashback Friday}

We still haven't moved Harry into his bedroom yet. We do however have his cot set up in the spare room where we have been co sleeping. He occasionally sleeps in there, and occasionally sleeps in bed with me.
He will be taking over the smaller of the three bedrooms, which I'm feeling so guilty about, I wish all three bedrooms were the same size, I hate the fact that because he is the youngest he gets the smallest room but the alternative is for the boys to share a room which would never work!
I loved the way Charles' room was decorated but something was niggling at me. It wasn't very Harry. The room was decorated to suit Charles' likes and his personalities.
The room didn't mean anything to Harry.

The majority of things Harry has, wears, plays with, and so on is second hand. He has a brand new cot bed but only because or original one broke.
I wanted to at least give him his own bedroom.
We made a spur of the moment trip to Homebase and purchased two big tins of paint.
A week passed and then one day I just grabbed one of the tins and set about painting. I didn't think about what I was doing until I'd painted half of a wall. It was then that the sadness kicked in and I took photos of the room we were now erasing and moving on from.
It's only a room I know but I put a lot of effort into the decoration and it was Charles' first bedroom.

I didn't expect to feel so sad looking at the photos but I do. Although, I love the colours we have painted it now and the plans I have for it are quite exciting...if I can manage to do it all as I imagine.

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