All New Flashback Friday

The time has come for the lovely Emma from A Matter of Choice to put her feet up and relax due to it soon being baby time for her!
So whilst she is busy resting and then having newborn snuggles once the new baby decides to make an arrival, myself and Jenny aka Mummy Mishaps have taken over Flashback Friday.
Flashback Friday originated over at Cafe Bebe, you can read the Kick Off post here. Karin says:

The reason I started it was because I love knowing the story behind a picture and I love to look back at old photos. Remembering the happy times, how you felt, where you were in your life and how much your life has's a trip down memory lane.

Jenny and I both think that Flashback Friday is a great concept. I remember when I was preparing for a job interview, my boss at the time was giving me tips on how to impress the interviewer and said

"Ask about them, turn the conversation round if you can, everyone likes to talk about themselves"

It's true. We all like to talk about our lives, what we are doing and what we have done. That's exactly what Flashback Friday is all about. Talking about you, your life, your family, anything.
Talking about ourselves helps to form friendships, relationships. You probably talk about yourself more than you think.

We want Flashback Friday to be fun, relaxed and interactive in that we would love for those who join in to visit each others posts and comment and get to know each other. A mini flashback community. Don't worry if you don't have time to visit everyones posts or to be able to comment, we won't be putting pressure on you to do that.
We will occasionally have themes. Don't let this scare you off. You can link up any post relating to this theme, a new one or an old one. We promise it will be easy and themes will suit everyone. Think "The Gallery". You can even link up any old Gallery posts if you want to share them further. We don't mind.

As I said Jenny and I both love Flashback Friday and have joined in with a lot of the link ups. It was one of the first linkys I joined in with when I started blogging.

Flashback Friday isn't just about posting a photo and telling us about the photo. You can express your memory however you wish:

You can be as open or as private as you like. Jenny shared this heartfelt and very in depth side of her relationship and first pregnancy which received a lot of support from her readers.  I know this post is really important to Jenny and as she says, it show's that a flashback can cover any subject. Anything and everything is welcome.

Maybe you'd like to just share photo's, with very little words. I did just this for Charles' Third Birthday. My post, 14/06, consisted of photos of the two of us, and him on that exact date since 2009. Maybe there's a Silent Sunday photo that you posted previously and adored and want to share again?

Another way of sharing a memory is through video. One of my favourite posts is The First Time where I shared the video we'd recorded of Charles and Harry meeting for the first time.

 A few of us "mummy bloggers" like to post updates every so often to let our readers know how our babies are getting on, developments, milestones, and so on. These old update posts can be linked up or you could write one especially for the linky. JennyJenson did just that and posted about his life at 6 months old.

I love comparison posts. Photos showing how similar your children look to you when you were the same age as them. I love spotting the similarities and differences and particularly love the photo of the child is in the same post as the parent in the original photo. Like this one Emma posted of her in 1979 and Leo in 2010.

Ever met a celebrity? Tell us! No matter how cringe worthy. Surely you can't get any worse than my super cheesy celeb flashback?

You could include an update on your child/children's developments. Last week Emma showed us two photos of Leo swimming and told us of his developments in the pool this summer compared to last summer.

Who says a Flashback has to be years and years ago. Jenny proves just that with this post, featuring what she got up to with her gorgeous boys just the previous day!

We welcome embarrassing stories. If my celeb flashback wasn't bad enough, how about this?! A flashback to the days when I wrote a blog on Myspace. It's also an example that posts don't have to include photos or videos.

And how about something like this. Two words: NAKED SLEEPWALKING!

Now over to my cohost to talk through some more Flashback info:
Thanks Lauren!!

To kick start the new look Flashback Friday, next week there will be a theme which is SPORT to coincide with the ending of the Olympics.
Also there will be an Olympic themed prize  - everyone who enters the linky can enter the raffle.
Now don't be alarmed by the theme - Lauren and I aren't exactly the sporty types!!! BUT there is a whole range of flashback posts that SPORT could inspire, for example

*sports day from your childhood or maybe that of your own children
*marathons/charity runs
*fun you have had this (summer) holiday creating your own mini Olympics
*a trip to the Olympic games themselves

Remember a flashback can be from any time whether it be yesterday, last week, last month, last year or yesteryear! It can be a flashback of your own, your children, your partner or your friends. And if you don't want to write a post, then just link up a photo with a date. If you don't have time to write a new post, no problem simply link up a post you have already posted.

Last but not least. These are the new badges. We will be hosting the linky alternate weeks so when Lauren hosts, you'll need to add the badge on the left and when I host, you'll need to add the badge on the right. These codes will be available on next weeks post.

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We look forward to reading your memories.