Homemade Bedroom Artwork

When deciding how to decorate Charles' big boy bedroom one word kept springing to mind when thinking of a theme.


We're had a rubbish experience with a border around the top of the room leaving a horrible gluey residue so didn't want to go down that route again. I bought some wall transfers and after they didn't stick properly I then planned to draw whatever I wanted onto the wall and paint it. I wanted to draw a train, rocket, tractor on each wall to fit in with a sort of boy theme. I could picture it in my mind but wasn't sure how exactly to do it.
Then I realised how to do it.
That way it would involve no more painting the walls, covering up things he was no longer into. Instead, all we would need to do was remove one picture and replace with another. 
I planned to buy some canvasses and draw the train, rocket and tractor on them, paint them and add them to the wall.
Then, ting, I thought of an even better idea.
Why not let Charles create his own artwork and decoration for his bedroom.
I bought two blank canvasses. One for Charles' room and one for Harry's room. 
Today we decorated Charles' canvas and I'm over the moon with the results.
It's SO simple and really effective. And had given me the idea to create these as gifts to grandparents.
We already had the paints and the canvas cost less than £3 so it was really cheap too!
It's something we can keep forever too.

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