Perfect Present for a 93 Year Old

Today my wonderful nanny turns 93. How amazing is that?!
Every year I think about what to get her well in advance. In 2009, for her 90th birthday, I gave her a personalised mug with photos of Charles, as well as a photo album I promised to update regularly. I have been rubbish and haven't ever got round to updating. Her 90th birthday was fantastic. I phoned her in the morning, as I do every year on her birthday and sing happy birthday to her. Then Charles and I went to the place she lives and she had put on a party for her friends. My dad and brother turned up briefly but I stayed the longest as I didn't want to leave.
What she didn't know was that we had a surprise meal planned for her that night. All the family met at a local manor house and enjoyed a beautiful carvery.
The year before we bought her a plant and gave her a framed picture Charles had drawn. He was 14 months and it was his very first picture.
Last year it was simple. A photo of Charles and Harry.
Christmas presents have been vouchers for M&S, food hampers and previously had been a bottle of Baileys until my second cousin stole that idea.

This year I was a bit stuck. I didn't want to give her any other photos as her flat hardly has room for anymore and at some point soon I will be giving her a photo of the 4 of us.
So....this year I thought I would keep it simple.
I remembered a coversation we had recently where she mentioned that she loved Werthers Original's but couldn't find anywhere to get them in our town.
Seeing that Sainsburys sold them I ordered them along with our Grocery order.
I bought a lovely glass jar and decided to decorate it with ribbon and then fill it with Wethers Originals. I'm so pleased with the results and know that she will love it.
Simple, easy and effective!

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