Shame on you Star Magazine

If I show you this magazine cover what do you notice? Do you notice anything wrong with it?

I did. I noticed something very very wrong with it. And everytime the advert comes on tv I want to scream. I want to go and buy every copy of the magazine, rip up the front over and burn it.
Let me point it out for you.
I'm really struggling to work out how someone, or a group of people, could be as insensitive as to put these three stories next to each other?
There is SO much I want to say about this but I fear that I may be the one to come across insensitive or maybe even like I'm over reacting.
I'm not over reacting though, right?
This is very wrong, isn't it?

Losing a child is clearly one of the worst things any parent can go through, and I imagine it is so so hard for Gary Barlow and family to have to go through this so publically. In fact, I say I imagine it is hard, the thing is, I can't really imagine what they are going through. To have constant reminders whenever they look at a newspaper, magazine, the television, radio, Twitter and so on.

Of course, I wouldn't expect anyone who is pregnant to then feel like they can't announce their pregnancies, as Fearne Cotton did, but Imogen Thomas....well, it's best I keep my opinions about her to myself.

In this case, why did the magazine feel it necessary to place these three stories so close together.
It seems that 'lack of a heart' and 'lack of sensitivity' are both top of the job description for whoever put these stories so close together and then for whoever approved it.

I can't quite put my anger into words. 
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