Sport {Flashback Friday}

Sport. Yuk. Just thinking of it makes my stomach churn and makes me want to grab the nearest bag of popcorn to comfort eat on.

I was looking through old school reports recently and I'd written, back in 1995 when I was 9 and still in Primary School that "My favourite lesson is PE. I love using the apparatus"
It was true. I did love PE then. Mainly because it was fun.
Rounders was fab too. I remember an after school thing we did one evening in the warmer weather.
A few of us put our names down and were selected to stay and play rounders and cricket. We were also given ice creams.
I remember it like it was yesterday and it always puts a smile on my face.

Then, there was middle and high school.
Middle school was the worst.
Having to strip down naked in front of fellow schoolgirls and shower in front of them. Our bodies were changing, some of us were starting our periods. The teachers never sympathised. It was humiliating.
I tried to get out of PE as much as I could. At one point the head of PE phoned my mum to discuss my missing of lessons. I got to the answer machine before she did and deleted the message.
The only thing I liked about PE in middle school was the orienteering. I think mainly because I was good at it and it wasn't as competitive as the other sports. And we could stay away from the bullies.

High school PE wasn't as bad but I still hated it.
I remember me and another girl ran around a huge puddle on the playing field whilst doing cross country running. Everyone had avoided this puddle. It was deep and so sludgey.
Yet, who was punished. Me and the other girl.
My best PE lesson was the very last one in 2002. It was our last day at school so we could do whichever sport we wanted. I chose Tennis as I was ok at it. And for a laugh I wore my pyjamas. Simply, because I could. And because I was sick of black shorts, red socks, white top, black jumper.

Since then the only time I have worn a sporty outfit was at work fancy dress and the five times I attended the gym!


I wasn't interested in the Olympics to begin with. The opening ceremony was the only thing I was going to watch. And although I despise boxing I am rooting for Anthony Ogogo because he's from my hometown.
I did find myself shouting at the tv and getting far more excited than ever imagined at the Triathlon this week. The Brownlee brothers (see, I even know their names!) were outstanding. I'm yet to be able to get into one of the other sports but I feel I have done my bit.

Now your turn. This week is exciting for Jenny and myself as it is our first time hosting Flashback Friday and to start it with a bang we are offering prizes. Yes, PRIZES! Three to be exact. All for joining in.
Up for grabs are...
1: A union jack rubber duck. Essential for all bath time duck fans.
2: A team GB sports water bottle.

3: Three Multimedia iBooks (books for iPads) Amazing Olympic Stories Volume 1 & Amazing Olympic Stories Volume 2 and Amazing People of London. Courtesy of The Amazing People Club. If you do not own an iPad you can still enter the competition. You can then either give your prize to someone else or inform us and we will draw a separate winner for the iBooks.

The Amazing People Club publishes iTextbook, eBook and audio titles that offer students unique insights into the exploits, achievements and motivations of some of the world’s most inspirational figures including Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Mozart, Florence Nightingale, Michelangelo, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. These stories, written in the first person, explore the lives of a huge range of amazing people as though they are giving personal interviews. In addition, the Amazing Cities range offers a world tour of cities including London, Paris, New York and Sydney where amazing people, who lived in these cities, become personal historical tour guides.

The competition winner will be announced next Friday (The 17th)
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