Those Kinds of Shops

I was devastated when our local Focus closed down last year. The recession makes me so angry, especially when I see stores closed down like that.
We quickly snapped up some bargains from there, just basic things like a shower curtain, curtain pole for the spare room, and an apple tree.

The building has remained vacant for a while and then last week I realised that it was open as a completely new store. I wanted to go and browse straight away but with a lack of pennies I knew I would end up leaving in a sulk.

We had recently bought Harry's cotbed and will soon be making the bedroom moves. We live in a three bedroom house with two double rooms and one single room. Charles has been in the single room but will be moving into the double room and Harry into the single.
When Charles moved into that room we gave it an under water theme because Charles was really into fish, the beach etc. We bought a border and I copied the jellyfish, fish and submarines and painted them onto the walls. It's a pretty funky room really but it means nothing to Harry. So, we, well I, have decided to redecorate.

We will hopefully be using a creamy yellow colour on 3 walls and a bluey green on the other, if we don't keep it the blue it already is.
Charles' room has 3 white walls and one green wall which we painted before he was born. I love it.
I have decided to not stick to a specific theme and to keep it neutral but accessorise it to the max with things that suit them both.

So for Charles it will be: Bright colours, homemade items, rockets, dinosaurs, transport and stars.
And for Harry: Neutral/Pastel colours with the odd bright coloured accessory, homemade items, animals. I'm also hoping to incorporate stars, stripes and spots as well.

I am planning on making buying some wooden letters which spell their names and painting those.
Today I visited the store I previously mentioned and picked up some bits which are perfect for both boys rooms, to go along with 2 bargain pinboards I found ages ago to display artwork both have made.

They also had a huge range of cushions, bed covers and storage baskets/boxes which I will go back and purchase another day.

I love those kinds of shops. The ones that you can guarantee will have exactly what you need and will spend well below your budget!

Check out my Pinterest Board to see my inspiration for the boys bedrooms.
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