Birthday Antiques {Magpie Monday}

There's an Antiques shop in town that we kept meaning to visit. The opening times are really odd and all over the place and we'd never got round to going there. I was on my way back from town and saw it was open and there was a parking space outside so I parked up, grabbed both boys and went in.
£18 later I left. Looking at what I bought I do think I somewhat wasted my birthday money, as I'm only now really excited by the thimble and maybe the basket but at the time I was caught up at the excitement of all the pretty things.
Although once I've found a use and a home for everything then I'll be happier I think.
I was annoyed at the lady not being able to tell me anything about the items and could only go as far as saying "Not sure, they were just from a house clearance". I have a feeling a couple of the bits are reasonably new and could probably be picked up at a shop new for not much more than I paid.
Still, as I said, I'm in love with the thimble.

Me and My Shadow
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