Black and White Fabric {Current Crush Thursdays}

I think the worst thing about being a stay at home mum is not having a regular income. It's even more annoying when you decide to take up a hobby and can't even buy the essential items needed to partake in said hobby.
This is the situation I am currently finding myself in.
I want to sew. I want to make lots and lots of lovely things but I have no money to buy the fabrics.
In the meantime I am keeping myself happy but sketching down my ideas, looking online at things to get ideas, and also lusting after fabric. In fact it might be a good job that I don't have a regular income as I love so many different fabrics that I would end up with far too much! At least with this time delay I am able to really make up my mind over which fabrics I want for the items I want to make in the boys bedrooms, the playroom and my bedroom.

At a recent Country Fayre I fell in love with a black and white scarf. It had zebras printed on it, was kind of similar to my elephant one, but again I had no funds to buy the scarf. I added a black and white scarf to my birthday list but didn't recieve one, which is fair enough as I am picky and can't even find one I really love.

So, I have decided that I could spend £12-£20 on an oversized black and white scarf OR I could simply make my own one and make sure I'm getting one made from fabric I really love...and own a scarf that no one else can buy!
Therefore I've been searching various fabric websites for beautiful black and white prints.

I'm linking this up with Current Crush Thursdays, hosted this week by The Wright Stuff.
Current Crush Thursdays
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