Cheap Homemade Pin Cushion

If you are a regular reader of my blog, and follower on Twitter, you may have noticed me mention about my desire to sew and create beautiful things for my home from gorgeous fabrics.

My husband bought me a beautiful vintage sewing box for my birthday. Up until then all needles, safety pins, threads and pins were just kept in a food container.
On Friday I decided to sort through this food container and separate all the bits and pieces and give them their own home.
One thing I really wanted to buy to add to my sewing box was a pin cushion. I fell in love with a couple of owl ones but the prices kept putting me off. I mean, I know £8 isn't really much but when looking online and seeing how easy it is to make yourself, £8 seems a waste.
I came across the blog Sew Many Ways and thought this was a genius way to make a pin cushion.
Karen, simply used a kitchen sponge for the insert to her pin cushion.
Every time we do an online grocery order I buy a pack of 5 sponges. They cost 25p. Bargain.
So, on Friday I decided to make my own kitchen sponge pin cushion. Only, I had the sponges, the pins and thread, but no fabric.

The clogs in my head started working and very quickly I came up with a resolution to my lack of fabric.
A couple of days previous I had sorted through some of Harry's clothes, I had a pile of bodysuits which were now too small. I hate throwing away the boys clothes, and rather than give them away I would love to be able to reuse them anyway I can.
I looked in the bag and spotted a star bodysuit. It wasn't one that was particularly special but it reminded me of Harry so I thought it would be special enough to use to create my pin cushion.
I would love to say that I was really technical with the way I made this. Measuring the sponges, measuring and cutting out the fabric. But I wasn't technical with it at all.
Which will probably show by the end result but in all honesty, I couldn't be prouder of it.

I used two sponges so that it was thicker. I felt one sponge wasn't thick enough and the pins were just sticking out at the bottom (ouch!) I roughly stitched the two sponges together.
I simply cut the bodysuit in half, then roughly cut out a section which I knew would be too big for the cushion, the material being stretchy helps if you make a sizing mistake because you can just pull it tighter. I pinned the material around the sponge, moving them as I went along.
As one piece was stitched into place I would then cut the next piece of material to shape, cut off excess, pin and then stitch again.
I didn't use any particular stitching method (as pro's will easily notice) which didn't matter as it's just something for me to keep and it does the job regardless.


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