Hallmark Recordable Canvas Artwork {Review}

I've posted before about Charles' new bedroom and the things we are doing to decorate it and accessorise it.
I'm really into blank canvasses at the moment and then decorating them to make them your own, to suit your own style, and to match your child personality.

Hallmark have a fantastic product which is great for this exact thing, if not better. It's not just a blank canvas, but also have the function to be able to record your childs voice.
In the pack you get a 6 small paints, a paintbrush (which is really good quality, I have to be honest, I expected it to be a cheap paintbrush but it's really not) and the framed blank canvas.
There's a pre-recorded message, a girl saying that she had "drawed a rainbow herself" and due to this Charles decided he wanted to draw a rainbow too.
It was easy to paint onto the canvas, the paints are thick and really bright colours. The canvas is also great quality.
Once the paint was dry we had to record our message. To do this you simply remove the battery cover, click the switch from 'lock' to 'unlock' and then press the button on the back and talk.
To protect your message you then switch it back to 'lock' and replace the battery cover.
Then simply press the button at the front underneath your childs beautiful picture and you will hear their message.
Charles simply said "Hello. This is my rainbow picture".

I have family who live in Somerset and I think this would be a great gift for them, my nan in particular as she's only met Charles 3 times. In which case we would change the message to something as simple as "Hello Big Nanny. This is from Charles. Love you".
Of course their message can be whatever you choose it to be.

We all really loved this and it makes such a great keepsake as well as a present for all of the family.

The Childrens Recordable Artwork is available via the Hallmark online shop for £12.99. With Christmas coming up soon I think it's an ideal gift.

We were sent a Recordable Artwork pack for the purpose of this review. All words above are honest and my own.

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