I Want.... {A Meme}

Jenny aka Mummy Mishaps tagged me in a new meme, which originated over at MammyWoo's blog.
The concept is to basically write the things you want. From simple things to the more ridiculous. Anything goes.
I struggled with this because I could probably write forever. But then I also didn't want it to be a repeat of my bucket list.
Seeing as I recently turned 27 I have decided to have a list of 27 things.

So......stompy tantrum feet ON.

I want...

1: like Alexis from The Real Housewives of Orange County.
2: ...a Range Rover Sport.
3: be friends with Holly Willoughby.
4: ...just one full night of sleep.
5: be able to grow my nails and never bite them again.
6: have a holiday home in Somerset.
7: ...a time machine.
8: not have such a short fuse.
9: have a longer neck.
10: ...a better mobile phone.
11: income without having to go out to work.
12: ...more storage.
13: ...the boys grandads to want to see them more often.
14: rewind to my wedding day and do it all differently.
15: ...a holiday.
16: ...a new Bourjois lipstick as mine melted in the hot weather.
17: ...a Nandos locally.
18: ...a glass of diet coke with ice.
19: ...for my cat to stop meowing and scratching the stairs as I write this.
20: be a stone or two lighter.
21: ...some money to buy fabrics and ribbon.
22: ...this Owl sewing bag from John Lewis.
23: ...a pair of leopard print heels.
24: ...some petrol in my car.
25: ...ITV to put on some decent dramas again.
26: husband and children to always be happy and healthy.
27: live forever.