Mike The Knight: Galahad The Great DVD {Review}

I remember when Charles first discovered Mike the Knight. We were playing and the television was on in the background, Cbeebies of course, and he all of a sudden became transfixed. A short time later he carried on with what he was doing.
Everyday for a week the same thing happened and he kept asking if he could watch "Nike". We eventually realised he was talking about Mike the Knight, or "Nike le Knight" as he calls it. He was transfixed by the trailors showing every so often.

 Mike The Knight - Galahad The Great [DVD]
So, we Sky Plussed some episodes and he loved it straight away. Even Harry enjoyed watching!

So both boys were very pleased when we were sent a copy of the new "Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great" dvd.

As Mike's best friend and trusty steed, Galahad is always there for Mike. In Galahad the Great Mike is determined to be the best horse trainer in Glendragon. He wants Galahad to look perfect – really knightly! Galahad faithfully wears whatever Mike suggests but the bells on his hooves stop him from “Silent Sneaking” and the new heavy saddle stops him “Tricky Trotting.

When it all goes wrong, Mike learns that Galahad looks better and, of course, very handsome, just the way he is!"

Episodes included in the dvd are
'Galahad The Great!'
'The Great Gallop'
'The Knight Hider'
'Trollee In Trouble'

The dvd is fantastic and we now put it on every other morning before preschool.
Other than thinking that Mike is a really cute character and that the stories are fun, I like that there is a message with each episode. Mike constantly has to work out how to fix sticky situations he has got himself in, be it through not listening or thinking he knows better.
I love that Charles is learning from this, and is able to tell me when Mike has done something wrong, and what he should do to fix it.

You can find out more about Mike the Knight and his friends on the Official Mike The Knight Website. You can also follow them on Twitter or like their  Facebook page.

Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great is available from the 24th of September, priced at £12.99.
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