My 27th Birthday Full of Surprises

On Tuesday, September 11th, I turned 27. We didn't have much planned for the day with my husband busy at work and Charles having to attend preschool in the afternoon.
When I woke up I had a bath, much to Charles' disappointment as he wanted me to do presents straight away. After I had my soak I got dressed and headed downstairs and opened my cards and presents.
My husband was supposed to be cooking us Eggs Benedict as a special birthday breakfast but forgot. In the end he treated us all to a McDonalds breakfast (yes, I really did see that as a treat and actually enjoyed it)
The morning mainly consisted of lounging around, with the Polar Express dvd on, and then taking Charles to preschool.
Just before we left for preschool the postman delivered a package which I wasn't expecting.
My super amazing friend (whom I'm actually yet to meet) sent me a heart shaped photo keyring and a beautiful East of India friendship plaque.

Sarah: I am so grateful for my fabulous gifts and your generosity. You really made my day and made me realise that there truly are friends who care about me

The afternoon was lovely and went totally to plan.....this plan being that I laze around on the sofa with a sleeping baby and getting to watch the new series of Real Housewives of Orange County.
I then drove to pick Charles up (lazy and lack of time) and when he came home we played in the garden for a while.
After dinner we then got Harry in bed early and Charles went up at around 7:30. My mum was due to arrive any minute to babysit so I could go out with my husband for a romantic meal.
He kept putting off me going to get changed, I was suspicious at first but then thought that maybe the glass of wine he'd consumed had made him giggly so I went off anyway.
As I came downstairs my mum arrived and asked me to close our hallway blinds as it made her feel uncomfortable as she felt people would look in. I did this, thinking nothing of it.
I opened my presents from her then there was a knock at the door. I wasn't expecting anyone.
It was a friend of my brothers. She came in and said she was child free. And handed me a card.
I thought it was weird as I hadn't seen her for two years and couldn't work out why all of a sudden she would come round and bring me a birthday card.
I didn't say anything of course and was polite.
The weirdest thing was what was written on the front of the card.
"You're like a sister to me"

I felt really awkward. I wondered for a second if I had gone crazy and if we were close friends and my mind had blanked it all out.
Then I opened the card and recognised some handwriting.
My twin brothers.

I said to Abbey "This is from Dale. Why do you have a card from Dale?"
Then, it clicked.
"He's here isn't he? He is isn't he? Don't tell me he is."
And then he walked in.
And I collapsed with a panic attack.

I thought he was still in Somerset and was at work.
Everyone had known for months that he was due home to surprise me.
It was an amazing surprise.
And he gave me a present which turned out to be the web cam I had asked my mum for!
He came out for the meal with my husband and me, as did his friend too.
The food was amazing and the headache the following day was totally worth it.

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