Our Week That Was {Sept 3rd-Sept 9th}

It's been a while since I last linked up with Katie aka Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three and the "My Week That Was" linky.
I think that by linking up with this, as well as Country Kids at Coombe Mill, I have encouragement to do things with the boys.

So, this week went like this:

Monday: With big plans for Wednesday I really wanted to do something fun with the boys. I ended up staying at home most of the day because I was expecting some deliveries. By 3 o clock I was fed up with waiting so got the boys ready and went to the beach for a couple of hours. I was a fantastic couple of hours.
My husband wasn't due home from work until 8 because he was covering drivetime on our local Heart station so once we got home I bathed the boys together, they had their dinner and then I put them both to bed.

Tuesday: Well, today I planned for us to spend the whole day at the zoo...until 3:30 at least as I had booked Charles and my husband in for a haircut at 4:15.
Except my phone had other ideas. It decided to crash and I tried my best to sort it but could do nothing. I had to give in in the end and, fighting my anxiety, headed into town with the boys to the Vodafone shop. I was told to wait for an hour to see if my phone was fixed and instead of going home as I normally would do, we explored the shops. Charles was really well behaved so we popped into M&S and bought some cakes. We sat on one of the benches in town and ate our cakes and watched the "interesting" people walking by.
Vodafone still hadn't sorted my phone so I said I would go back later in the afternoon.
The day was pretty much wasted at this point and I was really annoyed as it was our last full day together before Charles started Preschool and I wanted to make it special.
I got my phone back, all fixed, at 3.30 then took Charles and my husband for their appointments at the barbers.
Then it was home, dinner and bed for the boys.

Wednesday: The morning mostly consisted of clock watching and countless questions of "Can I go to Preschool now?" "Is it open yet?" "When is it time for Preschool?". He was so overexcited all morning and had a bad case of butterflies. At 12:45 we took our boy off to Preschool for the first time other than his induction day.
I had planned to lay on the sofa with Harry and relax (as much as I could) and catch up on programmes whilst Charles was at Preschool. As planned, Harry napped, my programmes were watched and dead on 3:30 I placed Harry in his pushchair and we met Charles.
He was there for 3 hours and enjoyed every minute. He painted me a picture, played with Pego (Lego), had raisins for his snack and milk for his drink, and sang songs and played in the cars in the garden.
I was so proud of how well he did.

Thursday: Again the morning consisted of clock watching. We played in the garden in the morning and then walked Charles to Preschool in the afternoon again. This time I planned to clean the bathroom whilst he was gone and get a couple of other houseworky bits done. I succeeded, and Harry played on Charles' bed whilst I did it all. It was really sweet. We walked to collect him again.

Friday: Another clock watching morning. I'm not used to routine and therefore not good at it so at the moment feel pressure to try and create some kind of structure to our day. We played in the morning and the boys watched Polar Express, then at the usual time we walked Charles to Preschool. I stood and talked to his Key Worker when we arrived and was amazed at how confident Charles was as he just ran into the garden and started playing in the sandpit, talking to the other children.
He has an amazing confidence and gets really hyper just before we leave home.
I walked to the supermarket with Harry to get lunch then we walked home, he napped in his pushchair and I was able to eat lunch in piece. When he woke up I gave him some milk but he went back to sleep. He only had a brief second nap then he woke up and we played then went in the car to collect Charles as I needed to go to Asda.

Saturday: Saturdays are pretty boring. My husband works every morning and my mum works every other Saturday morning. This was my mums Saturday working. Charles had a bad night on Friday and had a lay in until 9am! We had breakfast, played in the garden and then I was stung by a bee. At that point I took the boys into the house and we watched Polar Express. My mum popped round just after 1 for 20 minutes then my husband came home. I made lunch, we sat and watched tv then went to Asda to get dinner bits and some items for our picnic the following day.
When we came home I made some sausage rolls, my husband put the boys to bed and then made us a steak dinner. I was meant to go for a bath at 9.30 but Harry woke up and I eventually got my bath at 11!

Sunday: I made us all porridge for breakfast (seems to be tradition for a Sunday now!) and we headed to the zoo. We stopped off at a hand car wash on the way which was horrible! They did a good job but it feels so intimidating when your car is surrounded by so many men.
The zoo was amazing and we had a lot of fun with a seal. Plus my husband bought me a beautiful early birthday present.

We came home, the boys ate all their dinner *happy mummy face* and my husband bathed them and put them to bed. We got takeaway for dinner and just relaxed.

That was our week that was.
My Week That Was
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