Special Unplanned Moments

Sometimes the best and most special moments are unplanned.
Yesterday afternoon at around 3 o clock I decided to pack the boys up and head to the beach for a while. By the time we got there it was pretty quiet. We found a good spot and Charles set up his diggers and Harry immediately planned his escape route. Thankfully the tide was out so we were a distance away from that hazard.

We had a really lovely time building sandcastles, digging, running after each other and then it came to 4.30 and I said it was time to go as I had to do the boys dinner, bath and bed alone as my husband wouldn't be home from work until 8pm. Although none of us really wanted to leave. I comprimised and said we could stay but we'd have to go for a paddle. Harry had been begging to go down to the water the whole time we were there.
On the walk to the sea we drew hearts in the sand and wrote messages for daddy.
Initially the sea was cold but the longer I stood in it the warmer it got. Harry was weary and walked in and out, mainly wanting to splash.
Charles asked me to pick him up and carry him in. Which I did. Except I then walked a couple of steps away from him. I expected him to be scared as he has had issues with going in the sea before but he loved it. He laughed, ran out then asked me to get him again.
We did this a few times but then got a bit over excited and our little paddle in which we were only supposed to get our feet wet turned into almost a full on swimming session.
We were soaked. Harry soon became unhappy so I picked him up and kicked the water at Charles as he did the same to me.
We were fully clothed and had no towels. But it didn't stop me.
We laughed, and laughed and laughed.

Walking away from the sea both boys were sad and waved at the sea.

It was amazing and I must do it again.

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