Star Theater {Magpie Monday}

Yesterday morning my mum was round and hadn't really planned doing anything. It's been a while since she'd been at ours and as my husband was having an odd day working on the radio. At half past 9 I accounced that I'd quite like to visit the local car boot. With that we all got dressed and within 15 minutes we were in the car.

I didn't really have any ideas of what I was looking for. Well, I wanted to discover some hidden gems for the boys bedrooms and some other gorgeous pieces, similar to what Katy from Love Lemon finds.
My ultimate achievement would have been to find an old map of Norfolk for my husband. I found an old map of Essex but didn't buy it.

My mum bought a beautiful birdhouse, and bought Charles some daffodil bulbs and tulip bulbs. She also bought him a skateboard for £2 and Harry a musical train toy for £2.50.
I found some Bob the Builder characters for £2 each, was ready to buy the 5 that we don't yet own and another punter came along, grabbed one and went and paid for it. I was slightly gutted. Charles loves them though and has taken them to bed with him.

My other bargain was a 'Star Theater 3'
Watch as hundreds of stars and constellations are projected on your ceiling and walls. It's like being in a real planetarium. Listen as you are taken on an exciting audio CD tour of the night sky. Discover the universe as you navigate through a 3-D virtual tour with the Stellarium astronomy software
Charles is really into space and I thought it would suit perfectly in his bedroom. It has the choice of using it as the projector or by switching off that light and switching on a blue light underneath.
I figured that even if he can't see the projection well enough then the 'yellow light' works perfectly as a night light for him.
It was marked as £8 but we got it for £5. The stallholder also threw in cool plastic dinosaur for free too.

I was really impressed with my find and am really glad we went.
I'm hoping to go again soon as I have a crafty idea and the car boot is the perfect place to go to get the bits I need to put my plan into action!

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