Tears {See It, Snap It, Love It}

I somehow fell out of the loop with this link up, hosted by Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy.
This week's theme is tears, one which I find hard to link up to because I refuse to ever take photos of the boys crying. I think I probably only actually have 3 in my 1000's of photos.

The photo I am linking up wasn't taken of me. It was taken by the photographer at my sister in laws wedding. Charles had fallen asleep on me from the moment the ceremony started....he was snoring....loudly!
I was incredibly emotional that day for a few reasons. One being facing certain people I didn't want to face and another reason being that I was around 10 weeks pregnant. I sobbed...loudly...and seemed to have no control. I was able to calm myself down after a while though and without me knowing the photographer snapped this photo as I watched my husband read a funny poem.

I love it. You can just about make out the tears in my eyes.

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