This Time Next Week {Reasons to be Cheerful}

I love countdowns. I get real comfort at having something to countdown to. Be it a birthday, a party, a holiday, a celebration (wedding, Christening, Christmas)
This year we haven't managed to have a holiday, although we did manage a weekend away to Drayton Manor, it just wasn't the same as a week away. We are disappointed about this because it means we haven't had chance to really spend quality time as a family of four since Harry arrived. This is another reason why we are really excited about our Butlins break next March.

Next Friday we are travelling to London for me to meet up with the other Butlins Ambassadors. We had planned to have a weekend in London next year, we didn't want to visit this year due to the Olympics but as everything has calmed down we feel confident enough to bring our trip forward a year.
As I am at the meeting the boys are going to go off and explore London. Once we are finished we'll be making our way to our fabulous hotel.
It's really important to me...and my husband...that the accommodation is perfect, not only for us but for the children in particular.

The Millenium Bailey's Hotel offers a Children's Conceirge service, which gives us real reassurance that our stay will be perfect.
Ask Alfred Children's Concierge aims to make every child's stay with Millennium & Copthorne Hotels as fun and memorable as possible.
Children booked on this package receive their own selection of amenities, including:
  • A Hamleys teddy bear
  • Organic Children shampoo
  • Slippers and a bathrobe, which can be embroidered with the child's name on it
  • Ice cream on arrival
  • A Wisdom toothbrush
  • Jelly beans
The hotel Concierge team will be available to provide families with expert advice on top family attractions and places of interest close to the hotel.
We have already planned a meal to Planet Hollywood and will be stopping by to see the Queen for a cup of tea (according to Charles....my Charles, not Prince Charles)
We're not 100% sure on where we are going to visit yet although the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum are a definite must.

As sad as it may sound I'm also really looking forward to wearing the dress I had been saving for this trip, as well as my new blazer and new scarf. Am I the only person who loves new clothes so much sometimes that you can't bring yourself to wear it? You always save it for something special...although most of the time that something special never comes and in that time you've gained a stone and the clothes no longer fit! Anyway, these clothes fit and are very much going to be worn on this special trip.

Charles is currently running around the house shouting FAMILY TIME! Something we all need and we are all looking forward to.
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