Babymule Change Bag {Review}

One of our main requirements for our trip to London was travelling light.
We were only going for 2 nights so really didn't have too much to take. Normally we would take a suitcase, fill it with a variety of clothes (even if it is just for a 2 night stay) take a weeks worth of nappies and lots of other things we could really do without.
Whilst writing my list of things we needed to take I kept reminding myself that if we forgot anything or ended up needing anything we hadn't considered then we could buy it there.
As it happens we needed to buy a cup for Harry and almost needed new clothes due to him spilling a glass of orange juice all over himself (thankfully my husband was able to dry him off using a hairdryer!)

Although we have a mini suitcase we weighed up our pro's and con's of taking it and with 2 boys, a pushchair (which we initially didn't want to take but then realised would be useful) various tubes and bus journeys it would be far too fiddly. We were also planning on babywearing and felt that bending over slightly to pull a little suitcase would be too much hassle.

We were very kindly sent a Babymule for our trip.
Claire Fuller dreamed up the Babymule concept in 2008 when she couldn’t quite find a change bag that lived up to her high expectations. The market seemed saturated with attractive messenger bags and peppered with backpack styles; but nothing that combined the good looks of the messenger with the functionality of the backpack. It was a simple as that; a challenge to develop the concept of the most transferable, useful, beautiful, organised and super-functional baby changing bag.

Babymule launched at the Baby Show in Earls Court in October 2010. With a second child on the way it was a very busy time for 'team Babymule'.
 I instantly fell in love with the Baby Mule and could see just how practical it was for our trip.
With various different compartments we were able to fit in:
  • A spare outfit for Charles
  • A spare outfit for Harry
  • A spare outfit for my husband
  • A spare outfit for me (plus a spare pair of shoes, of course)
  • Nightclothes for the boys and for me
  • Toiletries
  • 10 nappies
  • Wipes
  • Phone chargers
  • Camera chargers
  • Make up bag
Had you told me that I would be able to fit all of this into a change bag I wouldn't have believed you. But, we were able to and we even had room to spare!
Now, this may give the impression that the bag is big and bulky, but far from it.
The bag, if not as full as we made it, is suitable enough to just pop a couple of nappies, wipes and whatever else you would pop into a change bag.
You don't even have to worry about a change mat, there's one included!
As well as:
  • a bottle warmer/cooler
  • changing pouch for nappies and wipes (this can also be used as a cool bag)
  • wipe clean dirty bag
These items are all kept safe within the bag by using poppers to attach them into each compartment. The
The bag also boasts many pockets within each compartment to keep little items safe. I use these pockets for my mobile, purse, lipstick and for Harrys teething gel.

The bag has many ways to carry, either as a backpack, messenger, as a satchel or it can be clipped to the buggy. The straps are hidden away in zip compartments, the one right at the back being my favourite as it is so discreet!
It's perfect for babywearing which is a major plus for us. 

We feel we couldn't have done the journey to London without this bag. It was ideal and so easy to transport and especially to keep all of our bits and pieces in.
Although I didn't get any photos of us using it in London (*slap hands*) I have taken a photo of us using it on the way to preschool. After the basket ripped off the bottom of the pushchair this is ideal to hang from the bar for our short journey. I can keep Charles bookbag in there, cardigan (in case he needs it) as well as a nappy and wipes in case we need it for Harry, my purse, keys, phone and a bottle of drink each for the boys. As well as a bag of apples for our snack contribution.
It's also ideal for the walk home in case Charles makes something we need to somehow transport back!

Another plus to the BabyMule is that it is suitable for mums and dads. My husband felt perfectly comfortable walking around London with a "slightly flowery" bag. He didn't feel it was too feminine. It's available in a range of beautiful colours as well as plain black.
It also isn't an obvious change bag so can be used in a number of situations. 
Uses include:
  • Change bag
  • Overnight/weekend bag
  • Gym bag
  • Swim bag
  • Picnic bag
  • Or even just an everyday bag!
The BabyMule costs £84-£90 (website price October 2012) which is very reasonable considering the many uses, the amount of pockets and compartments, as well as it being incredibly well made....this may seem like a silly thing to add but in the past 3 years I have gone through many changebags because they just weren't made well enough.

We really wish we had one of these bags sooner and highly recommend it.

BabyMule on our bed in London
 We were sent a BabyMule for our London trip and to review.
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