Dinosaurs, An Old Frame and a Spare Vase

Along with wanting to create as much art work as possible for the boys bedrooms I'm also keen to fill their rooms with things that mean something. With items we have collected from certain places we have visited.
The weekend just gone we had a family trip to London. I went to have a meeting with the other Butlins Ambassadors and the boys came too. On Saturday we visited the Natural History Museum. We absolutely loved it, the dinosaurs in particular, and I was keen to pick something up from the gift shop.
I looked round by myself, knowing Charles would want everything, and fell in love with some Dinosaur wrapping paper. I very quickly thought of how I could use it. Getting it home was the issue, trying not to damage it. I lightly folded it and gave it an iron just before I used it.

We had a spare frame which was no longer being used. I simply cut the dinosaur wrapping paper to the correct size and placed it in the frame (still keeping the glass to protect the paper)
I wanted to do something with the remaining paper. I spotted a vase I had in the hallway which was currently home to some stones Charles painted early this year. The vase was delivered with some flowers I was sent for my anniversary this year.
I placed the vase onto the paper and drew round it, then carefully cutting it out I glued it onto the vase using pva glue.
These both look so effective and Charles absolutely loves them. I'm confident they will look perfect in his big boy bedroom.
And they were so cheap to make. The paper only cost me £2.00 and with the frame and vase being items that were already around the house unused I had nothing else to pay out.

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