First Meeting {Flashback Friday}

I was sat on the computer, bored. I tuned in the local radio station and went on their website. I noticed the option to "view studio web cam" and clicked on it, intrigued as to what a radio station studio looked like.
I watched briefly and then noticed the "zap the studio" box, this sent a message straight to the presenter.
Still bored, I asked him to smile at the web cam. Which he did.
I then followed that by "please say hi to Lauren" on air. Which he did, and I recorded it. A mention on the radio seemed very cool.
I giggled, switched off the computer and got on with normal life.

A few days later I was shopping in a Supermarket with my mum. I thought I saw this presenter but didn't say hi. Which is a good job, as when I got home and emailed him to ask if he was shopping in this supermarket he replied telling me he wasn't! Oops!
And that's where it started really.
Emails went to and fro. We talked about all sorts. Family, my a levels, and then came the day that I told him I was supposed to see Lord of the Rings 2 with my mum and her boyfriend but wasn't able to as the cinema was full.
"We could go together" came the reply.
I went with it and we eventually arranged to go, on December 27th, 2002.
I remember feeling so nervous as I waited for him to pick me up. My mum tried to calm my nerves.
"It's not really a date is it? You're meeting up as friends really aren't you"
She didn't mean it. But it made me relax.
His car turned up and I opened the door.
And we walked to his car.
I asked about work and we talked non-stop on the 45 minute car journey to the cinema in Norwich.
We parked and walked in, thankfully able to get in with it not being fully booked. He paid.
As we walked into the auditorium we had to walk up the stairs to get to some empty seats. He tripped up the first step, not making a complete tumble but enough for me to be introduced to his clumsiness.

We sat and watched the film. He flicked paper at people in the auditorium and generally made it obvious that he was bored.
As we drove home we talked about his job as well as other things.
I was introduced to how much he used the word "cool".
As he pulled up to my house I went to give him the money for my cinema ticket.
"It's ok. You can pay for the next one" he said.
We said goodbye and off he went......

The next morning I set my alarm to listen to his radio show. I sat in bed listening and sent him a text.
"Morning. Was lovely to meet you yesterday. Thanks again for taking me to the cinema. I really enjoyed it"
He immediately text back
"Good Morning. Was good to meet you too. You are cool"
He played a song I requested and then I went back to sleep. be continued.......

This week Flashback Friday has a theme. The theme being "First Meeting" celebration of me first meeting my co host Jenny today!
First Meeting can mean anything. The first time you met your partner, baby, best friend, pet, in laws, etc. Interpret the theme as you will.
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