Hairstyles and Hair Colour {Current Crush Thursday}

Today is haircut day. I am ridiculously excited.
I haven't been for months and my hair is now at the "CUT ME!! PLEASE!!" stage. My roots are awful, although having highlights means they aren't so noticeable and I can get away with them without looking like a complete scruffbag.

Ideally I would love to be super blonde. Annoyingly I have a lot of grey hair and highlights easily cover these and help them to blend in. I feel like I need to be blonder to feel like me.
I also want to have some kind of fringe again.
If I had my own way, my hair would be similar, if not identical, to the majority of the photos in this collage below.
I fear I will end up with nothing like the photos below but I have my fingers crossed!

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