Making a Money Box Personal

We tend to keep hold onto a lot of items which we feel we have to keep so as to not upset people. Things that will never be used or simply, that we don't like.

When I had Harry a friend sent me some flowers and within the box that the flowers were delivered in was a sweet teddy money box.
For over a year now this money box has been moved from room to room, cupboard to cupboard. Generally just getting in the way.
Although he is cute he was just a bit too plain for Harry and I wanted to jazz him up a bit.

I remembered that I had a tub of lead outline my mum used to use for craft projects so grabbing that tub I sat down and carefully wrote Harry's name on the teddies tummy.
I added 'flicks and dots' to the outside of the writing to tie it in with the rest of the decoration, specifically on the feet.

Looking through the ribbon section in my sewing box, I found a short piece brown and cream ribbon which I had saved from a previous gift or label from some clothes.
I tied it round the bears neck and it really finished it off perfectly.

Now I have a money box which will proudly stand in Harry's bedroom.

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